Morning Movers Breakfast Club

Youth Sports Development provide a ‘Morning Movers’ club. We believe engaging in physical activity before the school day, wakes up your body and prepares your mind for the focus and concentration needed throughout the day.  


Lunchtime Club

Our lunchtime clubs and activities are there to keep pupils active and engaged throughout their lunchtimes by participating in structured play. We achieve this by offering a variety of fun and exciting activities and games, whether these are sports specific or not.


After School Club

Youth Sports Development after school clubs allow children to participate in sporting activities that they are interested in and excited about.


We provide two types of after school clubs, the first being a sport specific club working on skills they need to improve for that particular sport. The other is a multi sports session which encourages children to try out a varied range of sports and games changing from week to week.


We currently offer our clubs in the following sports: Football, Hockey, Netball, Dodgeball, Basketball, Handball, Tri-Golf, Dance, Cheerleading, Gymnastics, Tag Rugby, Cricket, Rounders, Tennis, Badminton.

"Having Youth Sports Development deliver our Specialist Coaching Sessions in school has had a very positive impact on the children. They thoroughly enjoy the sessions provided and have a lot more enthusiasm and confidence. They run lunch, specialist coaching sessions and after school clubs which seems to have really taken off this year with improved attendance every week. I would highly recommend them to work in any school.”

School Headteacher